About Us


Empire Psychological Services is a forward-thinking practice devoted to enhancing mental wellness and enriching relationships. We provide a hybrid of virtual and in-person services, primarily virtual, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive support whether they are able to visit a traditional office or prefer the convenience of their own environment. As a culturally sensitive and aware practice, we are committed to understanding and respecting the diverse backgrounds of all our clients. We stay at the forefront of advancements in psychological services, continuously adapting to meet diverse client needs.

Meet the Founder

Hey There! I am honored that you have chosen to explore the support options available here. As Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Licensed Psychologist, I bring a wealth of experience and a profound dedication to understanding the complex layers of mental health. My professional journey is deeply rooted in a commitment to dismantling barriers to mental health care, with a particular focus on serving marginalized communities.

In my practice, cultural sensitivity and inclusivity are paramount. My expertise spans a broad range of counseling and psychological disciplines, but I am especially passionate about meeting the unique needs of the Black/African American and Brown communities. I am motivated by a deep-seated desire to challenge systemic inequalities and cultural stigmas that often hinder access to necessary support and understanding. Creating a safe, empathetic space is fundamental to my approach, enabling clients to authentically explore their emotions, experiences, and identities.

My diverse professional experiences include extensive work in substance use treatment, residential and outpatient programs, and support for justice-involved individuals. Through these roles, I have developed a thorough understanding of a variety of mental health challenges, from depression and anxiety to trauma-related disorders and personality disorders. My dedication to promoting healing and growth is unwavering, and I strive to serve every client with the utmost respect and care, regardless of their background or circumstances.

A key area of my work focuses on supporting Black/African American men. Through both research and therapy, I have committed myself to understanding their unique struggles, particularly in terms of societal acceptance. This commitment has led to the establishment of The Weight Room, a specialized practice offering tailored support to meet their specific needs. By combining compassionate guidance with culturally sensitive therapy, my goal is to help these individuals navigate their challenges and regain their sense of self-worth and belonging. Within my experience, I have been featured in many media publications for my knowledge and expertise in Black/African American wellness and relationship needs.

Whether you are dealing with anger, navigating complex relationship dynamics, or simply seeking clarity and guidance, I am here to support and guide you. My commitment to helping clients understand and manage their emotions, including anger, is steadfast. Through personalized strategies and compassionate guidance, I aim to help individuals uncover the root causes of their emotions and develop effective coping mechanisms.

Additionally, I offer comprehensive testing and evaluation services for ADHD, Autism, and other mental health disorders. Recognizing the critical importance of accessible and accurate assessments, especially for individuals in marginalized communities, I am dedicated to providing thorough evaluations that consider the unique cultural and environmental factors impacting mental health. My ultimate goal is to ensure that all individuals receive the support and resources they need to thrive.

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